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Childright was born by experiencing the situation of children/women in prostitution; child beggars, street and working children; child exploitation and abuse; poor tribal women’s livelihoods and their rights; mother and child mortality due to poor health services; acute poverty, hunger and impoverishment among poor people; denial of people’s rights, justice and entitlements. Since its inception (30th December 1994)

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Development Approach

Rights based Child – Family – Community development approach through capacity building, people’s resource involvement, Accessed, Owned and Voiced by PEOPLE to improve their living condition.

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Go Natural !

Opening of Prakruti Sambhara – Rural Produces Marketing Project Outlet On 11th September, childright/PPI project’s Rural Produce Marketing Outlet opened. The outlet was inaugurated by a Girl child named, Jamuna (9 years) who lives in a nearby Nilapadia slum and begs to feed his drunkard father and helpless mother who also begs. We have known her begging since years. The objective is to give

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